Jennifer Quezada

Chicago Photographer

Jennifer Quezada is an Event, Portrait, and Nature photographer specializing in Fine Art and People Photography. During adolescence, Jen spent time throughout high school taking photographs of her dad’s garden and around Chicago on black and white film. Her love for the subject matter and artistic medium later influenced her decision to pursue nature photography. While attending Art School in San Francisco, she would go out with her 35mm Vivitar and chase butterflies or sit in the park, waiting for that decisive moment to capture a unique and playful perspective on life.  Her creative passion, insatiable curiosity, and 10 years of experience have become endless fuel for her photography.

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Artist Values

I believe in learning something new from everyone I meet. This is inevitable as a Photographer, because it is no longer about transforming my subject, but allowing my subject to transform me.

For those brief moments of observation when the light touches my subject, I allow my soul to capture what it sees. If I’m not thinking about art, I’m thinking about the environment, or music, or just thinking about thinking. All of those things are present in my work; what I care about, what I think about. I want the people who see my work to create a little story of their own and be just as curious as I am.